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2006-06-11 - 12:53 a.m.

Maybe to him, the breakup was a surprise. But I can go back and read my old entries and know that it was not, in any way, "impulsive."

I can't keep writing here. This journal itself is a connection between us and I don't think those are good things anymore. I'm reconnecting with friends, especially the guy friends I completely ignored, and finding a life of my own. This journal was terrific for me when I had no one else to turn to. But now, I'm watching everyone "come out of the woodwork" like they say-- I have realized suddenly that I have a huge support system, a huge safety net, of people who care about me.

So this may be the last entry here. Thank you, diaryland, for being my little corner of sanity. (But wait, wasn't it an entry here that led to him deciding to not say "I love you" last May? Not the point.) Thank you, diaryland, I'm not sure I would still be human without you.


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